Bindlestiff Best-Sellers

9 Oct

These are our best-selling titles for the last month, in descending order:

Cixin Liu, The Three-Body Problem

Keri Smith, The Guerilla Art Kit

Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow

Shana Corey, The Secret Subway (picture book)

Naomi Alderman, The Power

Chapo House, The Chapo Guide to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason

Deray McKesson, On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope

Zora Neale Hurston, Barracoon

Adrienne Maree Brown, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective

Hala Alyan, Salt Houses

Roxane Gay, Difficult Women

Dav Pilkey, Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas (YA graphic novel)

Ursula LeGuin, The Left Hand of Darkness 

Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief (chapter book)




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