late Summer hours

11 Aug

What with vacations, new jobs, resumption of classes, and a slower-than-anticipated process of bringing new volunteers into the schedule, we’re having some trouble covering weekday closing shifts for the next few weeks. So it might make sense to call first (215.662.5780) if you’re coming by after 3:30.

We are open every day at Noon (except Monday, when we open at 1, and close at 6). Closing times are up in the air for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We will certainly be open later than 3:30 much of the time (and hopefully all the way to our regular closing time at 7 on those days), but not all.

Coverage on Saturdays (Noon – 7), Sundays (Noon – 5), and Mondays (1 – 6), remains solid. But we will be closed on Labor Day.

If you have some free time, especially on weekdays, we could use a couple more volunteers.

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