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Great books on sale

29 Mar

The black bookshelf in our back room has a fairly diverse array of books at half-price. Most are hardcovers that recently came out in paper (if you prefer paperbacks, they’re on the shelves), a few are titles we just ended up ordering too many of. They’ll be here for a couple of weeks, and then what’s left will be returned to our distributor.

We also have several discounted Passover books in the front room (mostly children’s books, but also some cookbooks). (There’s a handful of Easter titles next to them, but only a few; for some reason we see fewer interesting books on Easter…)

Delaware Mudtub & the Mighty Wampum

15 Mar

(at Plays & Players theater through March 29; Bindlestiff customers can get a 20% discount with the code BINDLESTIFF20)

The play is awesome.

There are two seals, one fox, one turtle, one bird and her two babies. The seals are crazy; sometimes they pretend they’re cats! The fox plays tricks like stealing blackberries.

The chairs are cool because they have leaves on them.

— Sonja (6)