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Apiary, Philadelphia Stories

31 Dec

Philadelphia boasts two free literary magazines, and in the past couple of weeks we’ve gotten new issues of both of them. The new Apiary is a special issue produced in cooperation with DeCarcerate Pennsylvania, and is bursting with poetry, prose and artwork. We have a new Philadelphia Stories in as well, and also a selection of recent back issues…

Also in our free rack is the Public School Notebook, the Bay Area alternative paper Slingshot, Common Ground from New York City, and much more. Check it out…

Holiday Hours

24 Dec

We will be closed Christmas and News Year’s day and will have somewhat restricted hours the week in between.

We will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Dec. 26-28), from Noon until at least 4 p.m.  But the volunteer staffing situation is still sorting itself out; it’s quite possible we’ll be open later or on Sunday. It might be a good idea to call first, if you’re not walking by anyway: 215.662.5780

In the back room we have a custom-made Ice Fishing game for the kids. You dangle the fishing line into the “pond” and catch (with magnets) pictures of fish reproduced from books in the store. Minutes of fun/distraction!…

We are in the midst of processing a very large order of discounted books that arrived Dec. 24. So those who shop on Thursday (and probably Friday too) will see a steady stream of new books going on shelf in most categories pretty much all day. We also have large restocking orders coming in from our distributor that had been promised for delivery Tuesday, but will be coming in Thursday and Friday.

We will be closed Dec. 30 – Jan. 1, and will resume regular hours Thursday, January 2. (Noon – 7 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, Noon – 5 p.m. on Sunday) We will post Winter 2014 hours then.

Special Orders

If we don’t have a book in stock, we’re glad to order it for you. We can get most books in in a week or two, assuming they’re still in print.

Calendars and Christmas

4 Dec

Christmas cards and other seasonal items are moving onto the shelves; by Thursday (12/7) we will have our full selection (including many toys) available, though of course new items will continue coming in.

We have a wide selection of 2014 calendars, including Nikki McClure’s always beautiful entry, the annual labor history calendar, Slingshot organizers, Pop-ups, Zombies Hate Stuff, and many more.

Book Talk: Workers’ Self-management in Spain

4 Dec

Michael Matteson, an Australian scholar and activist, will discuss his research into Workers’ Self-management in the Spanish Revolution: Proletarian Spontaneity versus Anarchist Organization. He will address recent work on the subject including Frank Mintz’s just-translated book criticizing the role of the CNT and anarcho-syndicalist militants in favor of unaligned workers’ action, and labor historian (and POUM veteran) Victor Alba’s Marxist account of workers’ self-management that emphasizes the role of anarchist education and anarcho-syndicalist union practices in enabling workers’ direct action.

Monday, Dec. 9, 7:00 pm, at Bindlestiff